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My Summer Property Ltd. is a privately owned and operated real estate agency with a VIP ECO-Vacation component on our website so you can book your ECO-Friendly Vacation in St. Lucia {Eastern Caribbean} and/or Guyana {Southern Caribbean}.

Our team of fifteen {15} experienced realtors and vacation planners are capable & ready to assist you, your family or your group with all of your vacation inquires. The options is now in your hands to choose between Guyana {South America/ Southern Caribbean} or St. Lucia {Eastern Caribbean}. We have expanded our services from the traditional real estate in one country, to now two countries, with a special component which caters to ECO-Vacationers.

As the team leader,the decision to add Guyana as an “ECO” Destination for tourist to explore has been a timely decision, given the changing of time in our world; Guyana is position as the hidden GREEN gem, one of the few GREEN remaining places on earth to explore. Lush green flowering plants, mountain ranges as far as your eyes can see, end-less rivers, many majestic water-falls and a wide varieties of wide-life’s. Guyana has one of the most treasure rain-forest in the world, its something only a few have the chance to experience.  Our Wild life has some of the most exceptional array of specimen’s which can only be found in this hemisphere.

Our platform offers guests the option between Nature parks; White Sand Beaches, Jungle; Hose-Back Riding in the Savannas; Deep Sea Fishing; Bird & leather-back Turtle Watching just to name a few. So which is going to be -Guyana or St. Lucia?? We even offering island hopping in the Essequibo River, your exploration will be in comfort and style while having a first-hand, up-close rendezvous. Whether you choose St. Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean or Guyana in the Southern Caribbean, your family and friends will be happy for this once in a life-time experience.

St. Lucia Flag {Eastern Caribbean}

St. Lucia Flag.


Co-operative Republic of Guyana flag {Southern Caribbean}

Republic Co-operative of Guyana flag.


We are humble and excited to present both Countries to you to choose from, our vacation packages can be personalize to suit your unique wises from conservative family groups; Weddings Ceremony/honeymooners to even hippies to cooperate groups etc, we don’t discriminate, we are an inclusive harmonize team willing and able to serve you. We are committed to making your Caribbean ECO GET AWAY SOMETHING TO KEEP YOU SMILING, EVEN AFTER  YOU HAVE RETURNED TO THE COLD CONCRETE JUNGLE.  Our friendly people, our wide array of dishes and local cocktails will surely have you asking for more!!

Planing your vacation will be our pleasure!


We pride our successes on the satisfaction of Families, Investors and thousands of guests who have uses our services and made recommendations to their inner circles; Now, after more than a decade in this ECO friendly/ real estate industry, “My Summer Property.com” has become a household name.

We provide free consultation to all investors/ Persons planing their Vacation.

Reach out to our team for a free consultation with our team leader, Mr. William him self. It will be our pleasure answering all of your inquires and to reserved your group ECO-Vacation date.

Email us: “fortune.william@mysummerproperty.com” or send us a whatsApp message to St. Lucia 1 (758)-714-4117 or Guyana 1592-603-1551 . Our team is actively available 24/7.

Congratulation!! In taking the first step: Inquiring about real estate to purchase or booking your New Eco-Vacation packages for Guyana and St. Lucia.

“Summer Begins Here!!”. 

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