Welcome to My Summer Properties!!

My Summer Property is a Saint Lucian owned and operated real estate agency with Fifteen {15} experience local realtors and Six {6} international respected and well connected synergy partners. We pride our success on result to so many satisfy families and investors whom has use our services and made recommendations to their inner circle and now after so many years in this industry, “My Summer Property” has become a house hold name, when it comes to real estate matters in St. Lucia.

My Summer Property is a hub in St Lucia for all properties owners who desire to get maximum visibility for their properties when listed with us for Sale or Lease – {Short or Long term bases}, Property owners turn to us for result’s, understandable so, given the wide range of visibility our listed properties attain more than 180,000 direct access on any given day and surely not forgetting the “Viral” effect.

My Summer Property team provides “Tenants”, “Properties Owners” and “Investors” with sound insightful advises how to make their real estate ideas/request a reality.

“Property Management” is an Additional special service our team offers to selected clients.

Send us a detail Email to: “fortune.william@mysummerproperty.com” Our team are here 24/7 with a listening ear how to connect your property to the most suitable tenant or investor’s.

Congratulation!! For taking the first important step which may transform your family life and business portfolio with real estate in St. Lucia-Caribbean Island.

Rest assure our team @ My Summer Property has an unwavering commitment to serious persons who are ready and able to take meaningful action which will better their lives with real estate. We will be with you throughout the entire process until whichever option of property you have chosen is in your name, we are truly happy to be of service to you and your family in this particular happy chapter of your life.

We are looking forward to hearing from you so the transformation of ideas becomes a “Summer” Lifestyle experience with real estate.

“Summer Begins Here”.

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