Welcome to My Summer Property!!

My Summer Property Ltd. is a Saint Lucian owned and operated real estate agency with fifteen {15} experienced local realtors and six {6} international respected and well-connected synergy partners. We pride our successes on both the satisfaction of families and investors who have used our services and made recommendations to their inner circles, and now after so many years in this industry, “My Summer Property” has become a household name i.e. when it comes to real estate matters in St. Lucia. My Summer Property Ltd. is a Sale-and-Lease hub of properties in Saint Lucia whereby buyers and sellers convene to complete real estate transactions. Our reach thus far exceeds that of 180,000 subscribers and millions on the world wide web. My Summer Property’s team provides professional consultations to potential tenants, properties owners, and developers who might be contemplating entering Saint Lucia’s real estate market.

We also provide Property Management Services to selected clients who meet our guidelines.

If you are contemplating owning your summer property in Saint Lucia, by all means, contact us with a detailed email at: “fortune.william@mysummerproperty.com” or simply contact us on WhatsApp on 1 (758)-714-4117. Our team is actively available 24/7 in an effort to materialise your real estate dreams.

It is understood that this new chapter for investors and first-time homeowners should be extremely scintillating since property ownership is the foundation of creating generational wealth. Where else is more suited to invest in real estate than in Saint Lucia where the value of real estate has been maintained even in financial crises.

That is to say that our team understands that the process of becoming a homeowner may be overwhelming but guidance from the inception is readily available for the successful completion of property ownership and or projects across the board. Congratulation!! Rest assured that our team will stand by your side until your real estate goals become a reality.

We are looking forward to hearing from you so that the transformation of ideas becomes a REAL and tangible lifestyle.

“Summer Begins Here”.

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