Saint Lucia

The unexpected treasures discovered in Saint Lucia, Caribbean Island.

Saint Lucia is known as the “Helen of the West” for her many captivating sceneries. This island is the perfect place to unwind and to put everything into perspective. It lends the perfect balance for business and recreation, with a “boom” on the real estate market. The climate undoubtedly provides an escape from the temperate seasons, affording visitors a 365 days summer lifestyle.

Are you looking for the cool, relaxed environment? A place to reflect & capture life’s sweet moments? A place to work in peace and quiet? If Yes! Then make Saint Lucia your home.

This island has proven her competence as a dynamic tourism destination & lucrative investment hub, boasting the exotic culture, blue sea and white sandy beaches, but she is more than that “Living in Saint Lucia is an emergence of comfort & peace of mind”.  

Saint Lucia and its Ambiance

Our tropical atmosphere is, simply put, just perfect!. Normal days call for a fresh coconut drink while relaxing on one of our many beaches, beneath floating clouds and dazzling blue sky.

Saint Lucia’s topography consist of hills and valleys, lush terrain, rain forests, waterfalls, and hidden beaches. Her exquisite beauty has been an inspiration to many poets and artists who try to coin her, in that, categorically ‘You Can’t put her in any Box’. Her natural beauty will continuously take your breath away. Sunrises and sunsets are phenomenal.

Our international award-winning natural attractions are the Sulphur Springs and the Majestic twin Pitons among others.

Saint Lucia and its People

The island boasts as being the most hospitable in the Caribbean. Visitors are normally greeted with a genuine smile or hug as a reminder you are most welcome.

Saint Lucia and its Culture

The island’s local entertainment is unique and vibrant. The local cuisine is second to none with a mix of our Caribbean spicy dishes, organic and natural healthy foods, the ingredients of which are highly accessible, thanks to our Caribbean climate. Tourists are enchanted with dining in open air in certain villages and towns blended with Caribbean music sometimes into the wee hours of the morning.

More sophisticated dining can be enjoyed at the finest five {5} star hotels island wide whose restaurants are manned by internationally acclaimed chefs, who cater to English, Italian and French palettes to name a few.

Predominant Festivals

The “La Rose” and “La Maguerite” festivals’ which originates from way back has been traditionally kept. The nationals take to various platforms with chants and rhythms which move your body to the beats.

There are always somewhere to go for festival- or as Saint Lucians put it “bacchanal!”  Our island been entertain year round with activities from Carnival in July, to Atlantic Rally for Cruisers in November, to Creole Day in October, to jazz right back into May the New Year etc.

Saint Lucia’s summer lifestyle is far removed from fast paced temperate regions, yet close enough (geographically and business-wise) to obtain all the amenities desired. Transportation of goods is a safe bet from or to Saint Lucia. We have a stable dollar ($1USD= $2.67ECD), and conveniences of the twenty-first century are well available in Saint Lucia, which make living here optimally comfortable.

Religious organizations, health, educational and shopping facilities are all easily accessible from any part of the island. We also boast a stable political environment of two major parties.

Business opportunities are endless in St. Lucia! Owning a home or even large real estate developments projects in Saint Lucia is not a hassle. There are incentives provided for developers of land purchases with a current property appreciation rate of 15% to 20% per annum, and import duty concessions for investors. There are no capital gains, inheritance or estate taxation with unrestricted repatriation of profits and capital gain.

Let St Lucia speak to your heart why you should seriously consider relocating or returning to her bosom-home.

Talk of relief!

Living in Saint Lucia is truly a speeded decision you should make today, its forever summer!

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Summer begins here!